About the ILiS project

Background to the ILiS project

The Independent Living in Scotland project has been set up to support the progression of disabled people’s human rights, and in particular those rights in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). ILiS is funded by the Scottish Government. 


To do this ILiS:

  • Raises awareness of disabled people’s independent living, equality and human rights amongst professionals, policy and decision makers and politicians
  • Connect disabled people, decision makers and service providers
  • Is the Scottish Government’s lead partner in its work to support equality and human rights for disabled people via the national UNCRPD and Independent Living Programme

The ILiS project is part of a wider initiative by the Scottish Government to deliver equality and human rights for disabled people in Scotland.

The project was hosted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission until March 2012 and is now hosted by Inclusion Scotland.  The project has 2.5 members of staff – a Project Manager, Policy Officer and a part time Administrative Worker.  Meet the Team.


What does ILiS do?

In short, lots! 

  • Finds solutions
  • Influences change
  • Raises awareness and understanding of disabled people human rights, and independent living
  • Works with the Scottish Government – with support from DPOs – to develop new solutions to support disabled people’s human rights
  • Supports the Convention on Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) to develop its approach to delivering the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP)
  • Supports disabled people to speak directly to Ministers in a national Ministerial Advisory Group on Disability
  • Brings disabled people, decision and policy makers and service providers together to consider ways to improve the lives of disabled people in Scotland
  • Convenes the Scottish Independent Living Coalition
  • Hosts a national Dialogue on the future funding of social care in Scotland
  • Promotes the use of coproduction and the ILiS toolkit on it
  • Help DPOs to develop and deliver disabled people’s Statement of Ambition on Housing and will work with policy makers, Government (Scottish and Local) and planners to ensure disabled people have access to more accessible housing, across all tenures, in Scotland