2015 UNCRPD Consultations by Scottish Government and CoSLA

2015 UNCRPD Consultations by Scottish Government and CoSLA


The Scottish Government and CoSLA (the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities which represents many of Scotland’s local councils) launched consultations on their plans for action on the UNCRPD.  They want you to tell them what you think of their plans.  These plans set out what actions they will take to ensure that disabled people enjoy their human rights under the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  They launched their plans for consultation on 8th September 2015. 


You can read the consultations or download them at:


ILiS has produced a resource pack for disabled people, their organisations and others to help them respond to the consultations.  It will be particularly useful for organisations who want to stage engagement events with their disabled people members.  You will find lots of background information about the UNCRPD and about what disabled people say Scottish Government and CoSLA need to do to make our rights the reality.  If you want to use the text for your events, you can do that but please credit ILiS!


Resource Pack for UNCRPD consultations


We hope this inspires to you to respond to the consultations and helps you to think about what you want to say. You do not need to answer all the questions asked in the consultations, you might only want to say one or two things. That’s ok.  You might also want to respond with other people as a group or ask your organisation if they are running an event you can attend so that they can feed in for you.   


We look forward to seeing the final Plans in 2016.