ILiS Do-it-yourself guides

An introduction to the DIY guides

Most disabled people know what needs to happen to improve their life so that they can play their part in society. These DIY guides are here to help you get started.

They have been written for disabled people in the Independent Living Movement in Scotland.

Some DIY guides introduce a subject and show why it is relevant to disabled people. Other guides show you ways that you can get involved on issues that affect you and tell you where to get additional information.

There are currently 12 guides - click on each in the panel to the left to read:

1) The Human Rights Act - What it is, what's covered by the Act and how to use it

2) The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRPD) - What it is, what's covered and why it's important

3) The Scottish Parliament Public Petitions System - What a petition is, when and why to use one and how to send one to the Parliament.

4) Elected Members; MPs, MSPs and Councillors - Who are they? How, why and when you might use them?

5) The Freedom of Information Act - Getting information from public bodies like councils or health boards and how you might use this.

6) Research - how to carry out research and what to do with it after.

7) Getting involved - How disabled people can become more involved in decision-making and what to expect from that

8) Developing policy - What do we mean by policy and how can you write and use it?

9) Guide to Public Consultations - Who consults? And how can you get your views heard?

10) Working with the media - Raising awareness and getting your story over.

11) Coproduction

12)The Equality Act

Have we missed a subject? Tell us what you need and we will try and produce a DIY guide on that subject.