Other guidance

This page contains links to guidance produced by other organisations.
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A guide to home adaptations

If you’re considering remodelling your home to meet your needs but aren’t sure what adaptations can be made, you can find information in this report by Expertise.

The report contains a “what you need to know” guide, explaining how certain adaptations can help to make your home more accessible. The report also offers an interesting look at how this works in practice in the United States.

You can read it here.

Are we being served?

A toolkit produced by Glasgow Disability Alliance based on the experiences of their members and learners. It includes top tips for all service providers on how to implement the National Standards to ensure that disabled people's voices are heard.

Are we being served? Word version
Are we being served? Pdf version

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

If you are a disabled person, the United Nations Convention on the rights of People with Disabilities (the Convention) is for you. The Equality and Human Rights Commission have produced a guide to the convention and is availble to download in word, pdf and easyread formats. For more information, visit the EHRC website.

The Convention is a new international human rights agreement that:

  • recognises that we are all equal. Disabled people have the same rights as everyone else to freedom, respect, equality and dignity.
  • brings together all our basic human rights in one place
  • describes what government has agreed to do to make these rights real.

It was created because often our human rights are not respected and we face many barriers to inclusion in society. It is not just a paper "declaration" without any teeth. It requires government to take action to remove barriers and give disabled people real freedom, dignity and equality. We can use it in lots of different ways to make sure our rights are respected and to support independent living.