ILiS Publications and guidance

ILiS has published a range of guidance and publications about independent living and the Independent Living Movement in Scotland. You can download these and use them to support your own work on independent living. Other organisations have also produced guidance on independent living. You can download these here too.

An essential guide to independent living in Scotland

This booklet explains what independent living is and the Basic Rights that need to be in place to make it happen for all disabled people. It tells the stories of a number of disabled people in Scotland and about what's working and what's not working. It also tells you about the ILiS project.

Ready for Action Too?

Making disabled people’s rights the reality they face is the responsibility of many people, including; Government, Local Government, Scrutiny Bodies and MSPs.  ILiS have published ‘Ready for Action Too’.  This report outlines why you might need to be ready for action, and what action you should be ready to take.  Read more and download the report, here in word and PDF.

Ready for Action

This report summarises the key issues relevant to independent living in Scotland. It helps to identify recent developments and outstanding priorities.

Its our world too!

This short leaflet tells the story of the Disabled People's Independent Living Movement in Scotland. It explains why we have a Movement, who makes up the Movement and what it does. It puts the spotlight on 3 examples of disabled people taking action to have their voices heard and to make independent living a reality for all disabled people in Scotland.

Equality Outcome Setting Guidance

This in-depth guidance explains the duties in the Equality Act which require public sector organisations like Health Boards and local authorities to involve disabled people in setting outcomes. This guidance is available in Plain English, Easy Read (on-screen and to print) and BSL versions. See the links on the left.

Coproduction Toolkit: All Together Now

This guidance is for disabled people and their organisations. It tells you about coproduction, what it is, how to use it, and how to work with service providers using coproduction to change things for all disabled people. This guidance is available in Plain English, Easy Read and BSL versions. See the links on the left to view and print.

DIY guides

ILiS has also produced a series of DIY guides on tools to help you campaign for Independent Living.

Newsletters from the Independent Living Movement

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Independent Living Movement websites

Disability Now website -- visit website by clicking here

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