1. Introduction

All Together Now: a guide to coproduction for disabled people and their organisations

Co-production is a way of working in partnership that can lead to better outcomes. Results and outcomes are better because communities and service providers work together equally and share resources, problems, solutions.

All Together Now is a new toolkit for disabled people and their organisations who want to start working in co-production with service providers like local authorities, NHS Boards and others. It will help you to learn more about coproduction, why you would use and when. It is designed for disabled people and their organisations but will also useful for their co-production partners too.

ILiS project worked with disabled people, their organisations, North Lanarkshire Council and Argyle and Bute Council, Confederation of Scottish Local Authorities, the Improvement Service, NHS Health Scotland and the Scottish Government to pilot ('try it out') co-production and to help us to write this guidance.

The toolkit is available on the website, in a shorter summary and in British Sign Language and Easy Read.

We hope you will find it useful. You can tell us what you think about it using the form at the back of the toolkit.