2. Defining co-production

2.1  What is co-production?

There are lots of definitions of co-production. They usually talk about:

  • Working in partnership: the people responsible for developing or delivering something (for example, a service) work with the people who will eventually use it or be affected by it. They share their knowledge, skills and resources. They share responsibility for making the process and the end result successful.
  • Working as equals: the people working together in co-production (the 'co-production partners') are different. They do not have the same powers to act or limitations to what they can do. They have different knowledge, skills and resources. But they are all recognised to be equally important. In that way they are equal partners.
  • Co-producing from the start: people must work together from the very start. This means before important decisions are taken, when as much as possible can still be influenced and changed.
  • Working together to achieve an outcome: at the start the partners agree what end result (or outcome) they all want to see. Then they work together to achieve it.