7. What you may need for coproduction.


To be able to take part equally you might need training about things like:

  • How to speak at meetings.

  • How to meet new people and share ideas

  • Being more confident and assertive.

  • Understanding finance (money)

  • The issue to be discussed

  • How a service or policy gets developed


If you work for a DPO you will need to:

  • Work out how you are going to involve your networks or members.

  • Tell them what coproduction is.

  • Tell them that not everything everyone says will be used.

  • Get the support of your Board.


To be a good coproduction partner you must:

  • Work together to make it a success.

  • Be flexible and able to change your ideas.

  • Respect the aims of independent living.

  • Have enough time to take part properly.