9. Where to start

  • Some practical things may need to be sorted out before you start working together. Here is a list of things to check:

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  • What disability access needs people have

  • If anyone needs transport, personal or communication assistance.

  • Find somewhere suitable to meet.

  • Agree how you are going to communicate.

  • Check that everyone understands what coproduction is and that they agree to work this way.

  • Check if anyone else needs to be involved.

  • Agree some ground rules for how you will work together and respect each other.

  • Agree the result (or outcome) you all want to see and what needs to be done to achieve it.

  • Agree what activities need to be done and when these will be done.

  • Work out how to measure how well the process is going. Check this as you go along.

  • Agree roles, like who the Chair is going to be and who will take notes and organise meetings.

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