What’s happened in the year since we launched our Shared Ambition for the Future Funding of Social Care in Scotland?

We’re holding a Question Time discussion with a panel of cross-sectoral experts on 14 September to explore what has happened to social care support in Scotland. Read more about it here

Enquiry into housing for disabled people

Please let the Equality and Human Rights Commission know your views on housing and disability.  The information you give them will form an important part of the evidence they will use as part of their Enquiry. They are particularly keen to hear from: disabled people, their families and carers disabled people’s organisations and other voluntary sector and community sector organisations housing providers

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What are you doing about Human Rights?

SCoD is offering Human Rights training delivered by Carole Ewart as the first of their new training programme for 2017.

For more information on the courses and how to book a place, go to

A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People

On 2 nd December 2016, Jeane Freeman MSP Minister for Social Security launched the Scottish Governments Plan for how they will deliver the rights of disabled people.

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50,000 new homes: let's make them accessible

This article has been taken from GCIL’s Scottish Housing and Disability News ( ) The SNP have pledged to invest £3bn to build 50,000 more homes over the next four-year parliament if they win the next election.

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The Scottish Parliament passed the Community Empowerment Act on the 17th of June 2015

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ENABLE Scotland launches #stopthebus

A campaign to enable more people who have learning disabilities to access bus travel by improving access to the concessionary bus travel scheme throughout Scotland.

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Are you Ready for Action Too?

Making disabled people’s rights the reality they face is the responsibility of many people.  ILiS have published a report; ‘Ready for Action Too’; outlining why you might need to be ready for action, and what action you should be ready to take.  Read more and download the report, here .

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2014 Games legacy – funding for sport projects

As part of the legacy of the 2014 Games, new grants are available from Comic Relief and the Games Legacy for organisations in the charitable and not-for-profit sectors to undertake work which improves outcomes for young disabled people, and others, through sport.

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Abolish Social Care Charges

SACT Campaign launches paper showing why social care charges are unjust

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Bad news for disabled people

'Bad news for disabled people

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Minister tells Glasgow City

Minister tells Glasgow City Council that the new Self-Directed Support Act is not an excuse for charging disabled people more money. 

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