Have your say in policy - nothing about us without us!

There are many issues that affect disabled people on a daily basis. It is important that disabled people have a say and can influence policy and practise. This section of the website gives some tools to support disabled people to influence policy and decision making.

From time to time, the Scottish Government and others,ask for views of individual's and organisations, they "consult", on particular issues.On this page, you will find links to consultations by the Scottish Government and also the UK Government that may be important for disabled people's equality and human rights. There are also links to the responses that Disabled People's Organisations and our allies have made to consultations. Some of these are responses that the ILiS project has produced and some from other organisations.

You will also find a series of policy briefings, publications, and research. Some of these will be produced by the ILiS project. You can use these and the consultation responses to find out more about how issues may affect disabled people’s equality and human rights and independent living.