Publications and research

Here you will find various policy publications and research relevent to independent living e.g. inquiry reports, research reports.

Access to Justice Project
Why are there still barriers to disabled people being able to access justice? This research undertaken by ILiS examines both noticeable and subtle barriers disabled people face when seeking access to justice. Desk research was done and it draws on a wide range of other evidence. It analyses the inclusiveness of the civil justice system in Scottish courts and tribunals. It also considers the accessibility of law firms and the services they provide to disabled people. Download here

Read this interesting paper by our Convenor James Elder-Woodward OBE.  It talks about well-being and about living-well and whether it is right to take away the support that enables the few to live independent lives in order to spread that support across a greater number of people despite the fact that none will be supported sufficiently to have independent lives.  Thought provoking. Read the paper here.

Jim Elder-Woodward OBE has written a paper about the role of personal 'agency'. This paper was written to foster discussion on the different perceptions and models which Disabled People's Organisations and others in the third sector (and beyond) use in their work to forward independent living. You can download Jim's paper here.

The Future of Public Services in Scotland: a report of the Christie Commission

The Christie Commission was set up by the Scottish Government in November 2010 to make recommendations on the future of public services in Scotland. You can read the report of the Christie Commission here and the Government response here.

The Future of Funding of Social Care in England

Report by the Dilnott Commission. Download here (PDF).

Social Policy Issues Reported to the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureaux

This is the first in the series of quarterly briefings outlining the social policy issues reported to the Scottish CAB. Download it here.

Independent Living in Scotland: A Policy Scoping Study

This report presents the findings of a policy scoping study on independent living in Scotland, commissioned by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC). The study examines current policy issues relevant to independent living and highlights opportunities and challenges for the promotion of independent living, providing a starting point for the development of a wider strategy.

Download Independent Living in Scotland: A Policy Scoping Study (PDF)
Prepared for the Disability Rights Commission by Reid Howie Associates 2007.

From Safety net to Springboard

This report covers England but makes interesting reading for comparision in Scotland. It concerns the future of care and support and the role it can play in promoting human rights, equality and good relations. It was published in order to influence thinking on the future of care and support in England and it set out the actions the Commission itself takes to help make its vision for care and support a reality.

Available from EHRC website, follow this link to find out more or download 'From Safety Net to Springboard'

Personalisation: key messages from the EHRC

This key messages paper summarises recent research on 'personalisation' - services that do not rely on traditional service-led support or institutions, and which will increasingly be used to deliver care in the future.
Download the PDF here.