A Vision for independent living in Scotland

ILIS is pleased to welcome a new Vision for Independent Living.   The move reiterates the commitment of all the partners to making independent livng the reality for all  disabled people in Scotland. IT recognises that we all need to work together and that disabled people's voices must be part of that joint working. 

 On 5th March at the Scottish Parliament, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing and Jim Elder-Woodward OBE Convenor of the Scottish Independent Living Coalition joined with Derek Feeley Director General of the NHS in Scotland and Councillor Peter Johnstone CoSLA's spokesperson on Health and Wellbeing to sign the historic document.

 The Vision sets out that independent living is the right thing to do for disabled people, for public services and for society and indeed, for the economy.  It talks about how human rights are at the heart of this agenda and how we need to work together to get this right. 

 You can download the Vision below: