Freedom of Movement

Criteria for wheelchair allocation makes independent living impossible

The following case study is the voice of a real disabled person living in Scotland. It shows what happens when policies do not work or when policies which should work, don't.

"The NHS supplied me with an electric wheelchair after I got a ramp form social services and had my door widened. I had the chair for years and because I had the ramp removed and don't use the chair indoors I am not being supplied with a new chair.

The ramp was very dangerous and I had it removed, which cost me £80.00.

My car is only 2 yards from my door and it is a struggle to reach it but as the chair I need is a very big one, it is awkward to use in a house. The criteria for NHS electric wheelchairs is ridiculous."

(Story as told to ILiS by Disabled Person's Organisation)

Moving for work...or not: Portability of Care

One woman could not move to a new local authority area of her choice because they could not offer the support package she needs, that her current LA offers. She worked in the LA she wanted to move to and now has to travel every day. This means she has to drive, or take the train on days when she needs her powered chair or is too sore to drive. The train is costly as she has to pay for her PA to travel with her.

(Story as told by disabled person to ILiS project team)