National Organisations

National organisations campaigning on disability

Inclusion Scotland (DPO)

Inclusion Scotland (IS) is a consortium of organisations of disabled people and disabled individuals. Through a process of structured development we aim to draw attention to the physical, social, economic, cultural and attitudinal barriers that affect our everyday lives as disabled people in Scotland. We aim to encourage a wide understanding of those issues throughout mainstream thought in Scotland. In short, we want to reverse the current social exclusion experienced by disabled people through civil dialogue, partnerships, capacity building, education, persuasion, training and advocacy.

What we do:

  • we have a regularly updated website:-
  • produce daily news updates on our website
  • send weekly bulletins to around 1,000 subscribers
  • distribute monthly newsletters in accessible formats to all our members and supporters.
  • make available an online directory of around 400 disability and equality organisations.
  • provide access to over 200 organisations and public bodies through our links page.
  • have a regular poll section letting people vote on topics of the day.
  • set up 'Contact 100' which enables people to contribute to public sector consultations.
  • produced our Manifesto for Inclusion - Policy into Practice, a unique document written by disabled people themselves.
  • we are stakeholders and participate in many public body working groups.
  • we link up with many other disability organisations throughout the UK and Europe.
  • we are associate members of the European Disability Forum.

What we want you to do:

  • Join us. Help us to ensure our voice is heard. The more people and organisations that join with us, the more clearly we shall be heard.
  • We will continue to build on the work already done so the voice of disabled people can really be heard by policy makers and enable disabled people to make a real contribution to the improvement of every day life in Scotland. for more information, click here.


Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) (DPO)

The Scottish Disability Equality Forum works for social inclusion in Scotland through the removal of barriers and the promotion of equal access for people affected by disability.

We are a membership organisation, representing individuals with any type of impairment, disability organisations and groups who share our values. We aim to ensure the voices of people affected by disability are heard and heeded.

SDEF promotes access in its widest sense: access to the built and natural environment and access to the same opportunities as are enjoyed by other people in our community.

SDEF is the Umbrella Body for Access Panels in Scotland. Panels are groups of volunteers who work together to improve physical access and wider social inclusion in their local communities. SDEF offers support and training opportunities to help them operate efficiently, link together as a network and learn from each other. For more information click here


Capability Scotland

Today, Capability has grown into an established organisation which provides support to more than 1300 people throughout Scotland with a diverse range of support needs. Our specialist knowledge and broad range of services allows us to promote independence and quality of life for disabled people at every stage in their lives. In addition to this, Capability is a campaigning organisation dedicated to working with disabled people to create a just and fair Scotland. We strive to bring the views and needs of disabled people to the wider political agenda and are committed to raising awareness and increasing campaign effectiveness. For more information, click here.


Long Term Conditions Alliance (LTCAS)

LTCAS is an independent Scottish Charity. It is funded by a grant from the Scottish Government until 2011. LTCAS is governed by a Board of non-executive directors, up to twelve elected from our membership of long term conditions voluntary organisations and supported by three directors co-opted for their specific skills. The Board leads the development and strategic direction of the organisation.

Our vision is for a Scotland where people with long term conditions enjoy, not endure, full and positive lives - lives free from discrimination and supported by high quality services. We work towards this vision by:

  • Campaigning and influencing policy
  • Supporting and improving practice
  • Supporting voluntary and community organisations
  • Tackling health inequalities.

LTCAS works with voluntary organisations across Scotland. This helps us to reach out to over 2 million people living with long term conditions, their families and unpaid carers. Our overall aim is to help these voices be heard.

LTCAS is led by its members and this allows us to harness their expertise. A key part of this is gathering people's stories of their experience of living with and managing their conditions. This in turn provides LTCAS with a focus for influencing a shared policy and practice agenda. For more information click here.


European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) (DPO)

Living (ENIL) is a European wide network of disabled people. It represents a forum intended for all disabled people, independent living organisations and their non-disabled allies on the issues of independent living and the independent living movement. For more information click here.

The Care Inspectorates

The Care Inspectorate's role is to protect and support some of the most vulnerable people in society. Almost every person in Scotland will use a care service at some stage in their lives. Our job is to help those services be as good as they can be here.