Sensory Impairment and Communication Support Needs

Organisations working with people with sensory impairments and communication support needs

Deafblind Scotland (DPO)

Deafblind Scotland and Deafblind UK share a common vision:

"A society in which deafblind people have the permanent support and recognition necessary to be equal citizens."

Our aims are designed to help us achieve this:

  • To help deafblind people in Scotland live as rightful members of their own communities and to encourage and support contact between deafblind people and sighted hearing people
  • To liaise with health and social service providers to make appropriate assistance available to deafblind people in Scotland
  • To work in partnership with statutory and other agencies to improve the quality of life of deafblind people
  • To raise awareness of both the needs and potential of deafblind people
  • To encourage provision of facilities, services and support for deafblind people

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Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD)

SCoD is the lead organisation for deaf issues in Scotland. We represent 90 organisations working with and on behalf of Deaf Sign Language users, deafened, deafblind and hard of hearing people. Our membership provides an effective working partnership between the Voluntary Sector, Social Work and Education Departments, NHS Trusts, Health Boards and the Government. For more information, click here.


Communication Forum Scotland

Communication Forum Scotland is an informal alliance of organisations representing people of all ages with varied communication support needs.

Members of Communication Forum Scotland, individually and together:

  • campaign for increased understanding of the diversity of communication support needs and improved communication support provision
  • promote participation of people with communication support needs across all ages and from all communities in Scotland.

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